Wearpulse Wearable Pulse Oximeter

Wearpulse wearable pulse oximeters include wrist pulse oximeters, child pulse oximeters, and fingertip pulse oximeters. It continuously measures the blood oxygen level, pulse rate, and body movement, dedicates to providing pulse oximeters that can be worn in a variety of ways by people of all ages.

The Wearpuluse brand is another branded offshoot of Vibeat, focusing more on all-age oximetry needs, as well as product feature enhancements.

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Wearpulse CheckmeO2 Max Oximeter
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Wearpulse PC-60NW Oximeter
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Wearpulse Oxyfit Oximeter
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Wearpulse KidsO2 Oximeter

*It's not a medical device. This device is for Sports and Aviation use only and not intended for medical use.

Who We Are

Wearpulse is committed to to make superior quality fitness and wellness products to make people feel great.

We have a design and development team from the world's top 500, which develops products from multiple perspectives such as wearable technology, ergonomics, and human health big data. And will continue to develop more products that can solve human health problems. Our goal is to make everyone healthier.

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